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I made it to the top 7 in a contest to get a spot on the MainStage of the Hullabaloo Folk Festival. Now to get me the rest of the way, I need you to vote for me on Facebook. It’s easy and i only need you to vote once. Just click on the Facebook link below, click on my picture and click “Like”. That’s it!

Thanks in advance and I hope to you there!!!



Wow! So many things happened this weekend. The ECMA’s are fantastic! I met so many people, got to open the day and sing 3 songs on ECMA Radio thanks to TD Music Moves Me, performed my first all original 45 minute set at a Gig in the heart of the ECMA’s (I think these are called “NoCases”). I also ran into so many musical friends of mine…like Thom Swift, Jamie Robinson, Kim Dunn, Charlie A’court and Erika Kulnys (who asked me to perform a few songs at her gig). Thanks to everyone who came to see my performance, I am so humbled and blessed. My next step is to finish my next CD and get it and me out there even more. I now have 18 songs to choose from….


A cool thing happened today. David Myles gave a concert at my school and he gave me a shoutout!!! He’s an awesome artist, check him out.

Also, I’m excited to head down to Saint john this weekend to take part in the TD Soundwaves student conference on Friday April 28 and an all original gig at Brunswick Square for their Spring Music Showcase on April 29th at 3pm. Have you got your tickets to the ECMA’s? I do???? See you there!!!



So shocked to here that Chris from Ceejay Media passed away recently. Rest in peace Chris, the music world will miss you! Thanks for all the support you provided me and passing on your love and passion for music to the younger generation.

This was one of Chris’ favorite songs…I was happy to perform it for him.


Merry Christmas Everyone! A musical gift just for you…. my latest original song Lay Here with Me


I just released a live video of my new song “I’ll write you song”. This one will be on my next album, it will probably be a little different as it goes through the production process but I can’t wait to hear the final cut. Hope you enjoy this preview and the others I’ll be putting up soon. Be sure to pick up the album when it’s released as that what enables artists to continue what they love to do. Your support is so much appreciated and returned to you in new content, music and entertainment. See you out there!!!


Welcome to my new Website design. Thanks to Dad for putting this together and Jocelyn Vautour for the photo see in the background. A new feature is the merchandise page, look for new items like T-Shirts, postcards and picks coming soon.


Just got back from the Kempt Shore Acoustic Festival. Sang at the open Mic on Thursday evening, I was part of the Young Songwriters Circle on Saturday morning and then spent the entire evening Jamming with musicians until 4am. Kempt shore is a fantastic festival, check it out sometime…you will be amazed.

At the Road to Stanfest workshop, I wrote three new songs… 2 of my own and another as a 7 person co-write. Can’t wait to record demos so you all can hear them.


In two days,  I’ll be headed to my favorite place to write songs….The Road to Stanfest Songwriters Camp in Sherbrooke Village Nova Scotia. Many of my songs have been written there such as Did it hurt, A Word in Every Whisper & Sacred Ground. I’m sure I’ll finish a couple more this year…..There’s great lineup of instructors….

Camp Website is here

and Doris Mason who was just signed up!

If your in the area, stop by the village. On Thursday night there’s a Grand Finale Concert. Hope to see you there!!!



Excited to be playing at the Connections Bistro on May 20th @ 9 PM as the featured Artist. The Bistro is located at the Saint John Airport. Free Parking,  Food  , drinks and music. Hope to see a good crowd there to hear some great music.



Just got booked to play in the Acoustica Concert Series for the City of Moncton on July 12th @ 7pm!!! Can’t wait to play in the Amphitheater at Victoria Park


Cameron has entered the CBC SearchLight Contest. It’s an amazing event that allows artists from all over Canada to showcase their Music to the world. They select 1 winner from the thousands of entries and thee are some amazing prizes.

Cam By the Sea

If you like Maritime Folk music about the Sea, then you need to check out Cameron’s entry on Searchlight and VOTE for him DAILY.

Here’s the link:

CBC Searchlight Artist Cameron Molloy – A Word in Every Whisper 

Thanks so much!!!